Capital Velo Fest Ottawa a Relaxed Affair

Today was a gorgeous day for Capital Velo Fest, the first bicycle festival in Ottawa. The weather was cooperating, the 60% change of showers never came and the twenty or so booths of companies and organisations like Envirocentre, Citizens for Safe Cycling and the Ottawa Bicycle Club attracted enough people to make it a nice social outing. Although most visitors were cyclists already, there was new stuff to see for them too. Especially the two cargo bikes, brought in by Tall Tree Bicycles, attracted a lot of attention, as did the recumbent bikes of Ergo Cycles in Ottawa. Everyone agreed that cycling is in a major upwards spiral in Ottawa. Below are a few impressions of the cargo bikes -as requested by CitizenCycle. It was a good day to catch up with friends. The festival needs to get a bit more umpf though. I estimate there were probably a 400-500 visitors over the course of the day. The atmosphere was very relaxed, but the area appeared a bit too big. I don’t think the bike polo attracted much attention, but overall, for a first time, all went well. Definitely something to build on in the future. Great sandwiches by the way at the food concession. I didn’t participate in the tour LaNuit, so looking forward for some comments on that.

Bruce Timmermans Award 2010 winner Kathleen Wilker
The kids were getting tired.
How would you call this? A trike recumbent? A tricumbent? Looks very comfy.
E-bike with a transport rack. It is like an eternal down hill on an e-bike.
Look dad, without hands. The Dutch Babboe cargo bike.
Kind of looks like a dentist chair, this recumbent from Ergo Cycle in Ottawa
Taking kids to the daycare becomes appealing.
About twenty companies and organisations -here the president of CfSC in his yellow marker T-shirt- were participating.

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