The Segregated Sisters of Bike Land

My wife thinks I am crazy, but I can’t resist taking bicycle pictures while on holidays (about 200 more waiting for you). To celebrate the opening of the Laurier bike lane on July 10th, 2011 in Ottawa, here are a few images of our recent trip to Holland and Sweden. Seg bike lanes come in all kinds and I thought it is neat to see how other countries deal with an increasing number of cyclists on their roads. Scandinavia has an interesting concept: they often have shared pathways right along the car lanes, but elevated. Probably a good and relatively low cost solution. The one in Linköping for example, would work just fine in places like Halifax and Kingston, where city officals said that “Kingston/Halifax is an old (200 years) city and we have to struggle with space”.. Have fun admiring and let me know what you think.

Stockholm, Sweden: a simular solution to the Ottawa bike lane with a concrete barrier: along Söder Mälarstrand.
Stockholm, Sweden: elevated bike lanes along Strandwägen (lots of attractive people out there by the way)
Linköping, Sweden: a bicycle commuters dream town: narrow lane leading into the downtown core.
Gothenborg, Sweden: a bike lane through down town, right behind a bus stop.
Heemstede, Netherlands: busier secondary road. Kids cycle without helmets.
Amsterdam, Netherlands: closed for cars, this former car lane is now exclusively for bicycles.
Haarlem, Netherlands. bike lanes in the Netherlands are almost always red.

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