Spring is in the Air – A Lunch Time Stroll along Laurier Ave

After a few months of hibernation, more cyclists were out today.
Parking space on Laurier available.
Runners were out too, using the bike lane.
A quiet bike ride though town, at the most 15k/hr.
The street got swept already.
an Indian restaurant advertising its food on Laurier...
A truck driver negotiating two large pillars. Lots of spectators who waited politely until he got his truck inside. He started turning in a bit too late, and needed a number of attempts. Poor guy must have been nervous.
More parking space on Laurier....
The parking posts are becoming visable again from underneath the snow.
And even more parking space on Laurier, and a parking garage across the street too...
A car finds a parking spot at Laurier....
This car stopped way before the white line (you can see the line behind her car. Bus can't turn in, car can't back up. This has nothing to do with bike lanes, but a driver who didn't pay attention to the stop line. Bus driver was not happy with the driver.

4 thoughts on “Spring is in the Air – A Lunch Time Stroll along Laurier Ave

  1. I did a few laps around Laurier today too. It was too nice to go back inside! I always see that Linus bike parked there. I would like to meet the owner. Love that bike. I thought they did a good job with the temporary detour signs too by Bank.

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