Carleton University Cycling Meeting

Carleton Poster for meeting

At Carleton University Colum Grove-White and Tamara Nahal and others got involved in cycling safety on and around campus after the death of Krista Johnston on Bronson Ave. After a first successful initial petition to request better safety around campus, that gathered nearly 2000 signatures, the group is now organising themselves for the next step, by building a team that carries the torch. The nature of a university is such that eventually students move on to Macdonalds their job of choice, much to the relieve of their parents, so the Graduates would like your help.

Here is a press release:

Are you interested in being a part of the change? C.U. Cycling is looking to form a small group of members who will hold monthly meetings and keep the momentum going. If you think you’d be interested in planning future events and shaping the cycling community at Carleton, let us know! We’d love to have you.

C.U. Cycling is a brand new group interested in making cycling fun, safe, and accessible for everyone in the Carleton University and the surrounding communities.

Whether you commute every day by bicycle, like to cycle once in a while, or just want to help build an exciting new community, please drop by – we need your ideas! C.U. Cycling invites students, staff, faculty, alumni, and neighbours to our first community-wide meeting. The goals of the meeting are to create vision for the cycling community at Carleton University and identify the next steps we need to establish a permanent presence on campus.

We want to C.U. Cycling!

WHERE: University Centre 180

WHEN: Tuesday December 4, 12:00-13:30

C.U. Cycling does not have an e-mail yet, so direct any question to them on Facebook at:

Mayor Watson, being a graduate from Carleton (in journalism no less) himself,  will have an interest in his Alma Mater’s safety issues. Talking about a spokes person  for your cause.


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