O train MUP

O-Train Path, Where Art Thou?

O train MUP
Possible route for the O-train Multi Use Path, crossing Carling and Prince of Wales to Dow’s Lake.

The O-train multi use pathway (MUP)  is delayed. And that  is no April Fool’s joke. As you remember, the first stage was built and finished last summer and stops just south of the Queensway, at Young Street, where a narrow pedestrian bridge connects the two sides of Young. Ribbons were cut, photos were made, blogs were written. And then it became quiet. Winter came early and the path was inaccessible, other than for the odd urban skier, which I guess I could cover too as Urban Commuter now I come to think of it.

From Young to Carling

The second phase was supposed to be done this year, but it looks increasingly unrealistic. If something gets done, it might be the stretch towards Carling, but even thére are some hold ups, due to new developments (and budgets, or lack thereof). I think I heard somewhere that it might become more like an emergency or service route, closer to the Honda dealer, and the route might become wider (but not a road, I guess that stretch might than be paid with developer charges.) City planners still hope they can finish the part to Carling this year, but don’t hold your breath.

Crossing Carling isn't without danger, but from the look of it, many people do.
Crossing Carling isn’t without danger, but from the look of it, many people do.

Cross Rides

Ontario’s Bill 173 introduces cross rides amongst others. The cross rides should then extend the pathway across Carling. People do cross there anyway, and after initial hesitance by the City’s signals people, you can now expect a cross ride with on demand traffic signals.

That brings you just north of that half circle parking lot. The parking lot owner apparently also has different plans and wants to realign his exit with Navy Private. The two exits are not exactly aligned and there might be traffic lights in the future too, which would open up the option for cross rides across Prince of Wales. You’d cross Prince of Wales and turn left towards the intersection with Preston (thin red line) and then continue on the paths along Dow’s Lake, either to the Glebe (pink) and along the canal or further south (blue).

Alternatively, you wouldn’t cross Prince of Wales, but stay on the north side of Prince of Wales (the thin blue line)  towards Preston and than cross towards Dow’s Lake.

As you can see from the two flows of bike traffic (and I should have extended the pink line along the canal too), the Dow’s Lake/Preston St. area is an important intersection for cycling traffic. This connection has to be fixed sooner. Until that is finished, the O-train path will not be very busy I fear.

(bird eye view map from Bing, Carling crossing from Google)


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