Renamed my Blog

I started a blog and I needed a name. So I picked Urbancommuter about 5 years ago. Then I started a Twitter account and I created the ‘BikeOttawa’ handle as Urbancommuter existed already and I wanted to reserve BikeOttawa before some else would. I got a Facebook page and I lazily picked yet another name. All of sudden it is mess and if there is one thing the Dutch don’t like, it is ‘mess’. Hence the popularity of clean lines such as the paintings of Piet Mondriaan:

Hans on the Bike 05
Piet Mondriaan: 1926, Composition in red, yellow, blue and black

and the Rietveld Chair:

Hans on the Bike 01
The Red and Blue Chair is a chair designed in 1917 by Gerrit Rietveld. It represents one of the first explorations by the De Stijl art movement in three dimensions.

and the Schröderhuis:

Hans on the Bike 03
The Rietveld Schröder House in Utrecht was commissioned by Ms Truus Schröder-Schräder, designed by the architect Gerrit Thomas Rietveld, and built in 1924. This small family house, with its interior, the flexible spatial arrangement, and the visual and formal qualities, was a manifesto of the ideals of the De Stijl group of artists and architects in the Netherlands in the 1920s, and has since been considered one of the icons of the Modern Movement in architecture. (Unesco)

and the Flevopolder:

Flevopolder – reclaimed land in the IJsselmeer – (basically farming at the bottom of a lake) – photo Erwin Voogt

and Nijntje (Miffy):

Hans on the Bike 04
Miffy (Dutch: Nijntje) is a small female rabbit in a series of picture books drawn and written by Dutch artist Dick Bruna. The original Dutch name, Nijntje, is a shortening of the diminutive konijntje, “little rabbit”. The first Miffy book was produced in 1955. (Wikipedia)

So I needed to clean up the variety of names. First I organised the several CfSC names and switched all to BikeOttawa by doing a bit of a switcheroo between Twitter and Facebook accounts and this week I figured out how to switch my content to a new WordPress subdomain (Tools->Export, Tools->Import) for my own site.

This all went amazingly easy, other than the featured photos (at the top of every blog) setting, that wasn’t exported. So now everything is branded under the HansOnTheBike name. Nice and clean. I am leaving the UrbanCommuter site up too in order to cater to all those other external sites that link to it. All internal links should work.

So from now on: Move over to HansOnTheBike. I won’t maintain anymore (but had dozens of hits on the site today anwyway). I trust that @MarkBlevis and @DenVen approve. The only thing left to do is a Delft Blue tile. This will do for now….


One thought on “Renamed my Blog

  1. I like the moniker of Hans on the Bike, but as is typical with the Dutch and their sayings, it should be all Hands on the Bike – for safety, control and comfort. So Hans, enjoy the new name and have some fun, but keep all hands on deck….er sorry, bike. Bob

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